“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton

Indiana and Friends believes in sharing creativity and the beauty an artist brings to life. We are passionate about bringing attention to local, regional, and national artists - with whom we proudly partner to share such work on a bigger stage.

Please take a moment to explore the incredible pieces offered by our partners.

Amy Quinn

Ellen Stouffer

Erica Tyson

Katy Gray

Lena Gray

Sherman Gray

Sue Scamihorn

William Parker Stouffer


Eric Reaves

Stephen Bolinger

Alison Young

Lindsey Ogle

Hope Talbott

Andy Eads

Ryan Goff

Mark Wagner

Shannon Smith

Kashmira Satghar

Steve Guenin

Erica Ford

Karen Eilts

Avon Waters

Cheerie Joy

Erica Friend

Rhoda Gerig

Nancy Wagner

Susan Stewart

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