Emilie Trent

Emilie Trent's abstract artwork is an exploration in color and movement.  Her work has evolved since her passion began in high school.  She attended Marion College to study arts as well as Indiana Business College.  Emilie believes the learning process is never-ending and new growth in art is vital.  The ability to combine the chaos of life with the expression of tone and motion drives her to create her emotive paintings.

Emilie's work is on display in personal collections across the country.  She has also juried into many gallery shows.  She and her wife travel throughout the United States during the summer and fall, participating in various art shows.

Emilie paints with acrylics, mixed at times with various mediums.  To achieve the effort of fluidity she has combined movement with the subtle blending of tone, color, and layering.  Her technique is unique and non-traditional, which givers her art in exceptional appeal.

Emilie's paintings intend to enhance visualization and evoke emotion.  She enjoys hearing how the hues and design of her paintings speak to the heart of her clients.  Her artwork is the outward expression of her inner being.  Emilie values each opportunity to share her love of color and design.

570 South Miami Street

Wabash, IN 46992


Tel: 260-571-7436

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