Erica Tyson

Erica Tyson is a Professional Artist and Art Teacher.  She graduated from Manchester University with a B.S. in Visual Arts Education. It was in college that she found a love of painting. Today, she has been painting for 10 years using acrylics on canvas, wood, and recycled objects.  Erica specializes in painting animals, landscapes, and flowers. She paints both small and large scale paintings, but her most well-known works are large scale murals found around her hometown of Wabash, Indiana..  Her work is created using vibrant colors mixed with edgy lines that mimic scribbles. The paintings she creates embody the wildness of the animals and places that inspire her. They are brought to life through textured rough lines and bright colors. Most of her work also includes a recycled object and a quote. Erica uses plastic lids, glass pieces, and wooden scraps to create details in her paintings. These objects are used for both texture and aesthetics. This recycled art not only creates beauty from trash, but helps share her passion for persevering the Earth.


Erica creates her artwork in a small studio built in her barn located in rural Indiana. The studio houses brushes for an artist and tools for a woodworker.  All of her wooden and glass pieces are created by her and her husband.  She cuts all of the wood, drives in each screw, and carefully sands each piece of glass or wood. Each piece is a labor of love before the first stroke of paint is applied. This makes each piece of art truly a handmade creation. The studio is open all year long allowing Erica to make pieces inspired by each season of the Hoosier state.  


“My hope is to make a beautiful painting that brightens a room and the people within it. My goal is to create artwork that can turn a day around with a glance, and warm a heart with rich colors.  Artwork that can stir the soul towards happiness has completed its job on a wall.” -Erica Tyson

570 South Miami Street

Wabash, IN 46992

Tel: 260-571-7436

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