Hope Talbott

Art to me started as my protection from a harsh reality and as an outlet for my conflictions. From an early age, it was clear I was meant to be an artist. When I do my art it's as if something is screaming inside me, begging to be released and won't stop till I've finished that piece. It's at that moment when I gaze upon my work, surprised at the beauty that's escaped me and can finally breathe in its grace. I sold my first pieces in elementary and continued to pour my soul into every medium I could get my hands on. In high school, I organized art shows and started Images of Hope, my freelancing work. Through high school and into college I studied Photography, Graphic Design, Oil Color pants, and Graphite. This opened many doors for me including but not limited to; designing logos, creating business signs, and having a tattoo artist ask me to design and tattoo on a new piece of work to add to his collection on his skin.

Within my mind's eye as I dream a vision I have discovered other deep layers that exist and I try to share this reality with the world. This world is a beautiful one and I think that gets covered up with all the hate and negativity all around us. My goal is to make people feel on a deeper level and see the beauty hiding in the darkness. My hope is to brighten the lives of the people who see my soul reflected in my art so hopefully, it'll transpire into the rest of the world.

570 South Miami Street

Wabash, IN 46992


Tel: 260-571-7436

Exhibit at Indiana & Friends

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