Kashmira Satghar

Kashmira Satghar’s love for colors and their interaction finds expression in art. Her passion for arts started when she was a teenager looking for an articulation of her personality. She was involved in fine arts for 4 years when she worked on pottery, fabric painting, water and oil paintings. When she found for healing and helping people she decided to halt her journey in the field of art and pursue physical therapy. One day on her route for helping people, her husband provided with a set of paintbrushes and canvas. She crossed paths with her artistic self again and started painting. Her liking of comics and fiction made her use her magic wand to reproduce superheroes. Now diving into the field of self-expression she has been working on abstract art. Its rightfully said by Pablo Picasso "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

570 South Miami Street

Wabash, IN 46992


Tel: 260-571-7436

Exhibit at Indiana & Friends

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